“Child’s best interests? It’s a sick joke” — Matt O’Connor

Matt O’Connor, founder of the British pressure group Fathers 4 Justice has summed up the situation of family courts in language we all can understand:
“follow the money”
“A wicked deceit”
“Like banksters and gangsters”
“family law is so rotten to the core”
“our family courts which are blighting the lives of an entire generation”
”they are rapaciously gobbling up taxpayers money”
“an orgy of greed at the expense of desperate dads and broken children”
“Nobody on these committees is above being pulled into a sordid pit of moral squalor, greed and amorality”
“selling dads down the river again and again and again”
“lay the blame at the feet of collaborators”
“they profit directly from a production line of misery”
“They know the price of everything. And the value of nothing”

This is exactly the kind of language we need to be serving the “collaborators” at their every turn, through any means available.

It’s only when we get the message across about the real issues of family law, the “wicked deceit”, the “moral squalor, greed”, that we will see the tide turn on those collaborators. But no amount of tinkering with the law will ever put an end to the racketeering of the collaborators. As Matt says they have been “selling dads down the river again and again and again”. And, to use Matt’s figure, that’s 30 years of victims of these perpetrators. These victims cannot be forgotten. They must see justice done, which means restitution. Only when we see restitution for separated fathers and children (and any other victims of the collaborators) will the agony be put to an end. It’s a simple case of ‘follow the money’. Once the money goes to the victims there will be no more incentive for the collaborators. When fathers get their dignity, families and finances back the collaborators will live in shame.

For Ex-fathers the motto must be simply ‘show me the money’.

Orgy of greed

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  1. Here’s my rant………

    As a typical apologetic Canadian I must apologize deeply for the appalling behavior of my fellow Canadians last weekend in Toronto @ Warren Farrell’s presentation. The terrorist behavior proved to the world that Canada is plagued by violent intolerant bigoted criminals like Hitler’s brown shirts..

    Please forgive me for the length of this note as I attempt to wrap my head around this complex and draconian issue. Misandry is fairly new to me. Upon discovering this issue my conscious and lack of knowledge compelled me to research misandry further. What I have found is that misandry forms the central pillar of Canadian social control programs (SCPs). I compared SCPs from other countries to ours. The strongest comparison was Hitler’s SCP of anti-Semitism as is described in his book Mein Kampf, My Struggle, in which he dehumanizes the targets of his SCP.

    The inflammatory labels Hitler brands the future human sacrifices of his SCP, Jews in this case, are virtually identical to the language use by misandrists in Canada. Use of such language is deemed as hate crimes in Canada. That is unless it is used against men like it was used against Jews in Germany in a strategy to demonize, dehumanize and persecute like animals. Based on historical comparisons, such as with the Soviet Union’s Gulags and Canadian aboriginal residential school SCPs, it seems that the fate of current Canadian SCP victims is likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    Misandrists in Canada take pride in being labeled as Nazis as this acknowledges their status of absolute power in Canadian society along with commensurate state funding and privileges. A litany of wrongfully accused cases involving men, like David Milgaard, and virtually none involving women, plagues our entirely corrupt Kleptocratic Canadian criminal justice system. The hate propaganda spewed by misandrists in Canada mirrors Hitler’s view that “I see no reason why man should not be as cruel to man as nature is”.

    Nothing in Canada describes the criminal justice system as clearly as this quotation. Men are routinely wrongfully accused and the innocents are knowingly subjected to human atrocities in our criminal justice system. These usually mild mannered meek innocents are routinely beaten, raped, etc. at the behest of the system. Studies have proven that sex accusations against men are false anywhere from 25% to 75% of the time. An exploding industry is the growth of the wrongly accused business. Lawyers and groups address the justice system’s widespread atrocities that are blatant, extreme, and fraudulent and fabrications of fictional crimes. These state based frauds are created to feed a steady supply of innocent victims into the system in order to steal increasingly large amounts of government cash to benefit the criminal justice system cronies. This occurs at a time when statistics prove that crime is declining significantly.

    Misandry corruption has led to the establishment of a well-entrenched Canadian kleptocracy for feminist special interest groups and other misandrists funded and/or enabled by the state such as the criminal justice system. Kleptocracy, “rule by thieves”, is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service.

    Those who attacked Warren’s presentation in Toronto last weekend were state sponsored terrorists for whom truth is completely irrelevant. Promulgating male truths by Warren, no matter how unassociated with misandry and feminism, may eventually compromise the misandrist’s Kleptocratic status and benefits. Many sex charges related cases are fabricated and kleptocratic as Milgaard found where crown witnesses were paid to lie. I would be surprised to hear anything other than that the authorities such as the university, government special interest funding departments, criminal justice system, etc., all condoned and enabled the behavior to date by ensuring that their terrorist acts go consequence free. So far my suspicions have been confirmed.
    My grandparents left Europe after WW1 because they believed that those in charge would make war all over again in their lifetime. Sadly, they were correct. By those in charge they meant the wealthy and powerful that created Hitler. Gramps meant the supporters and creators of Hitler such as the Henry Fords, DuPont’s, Krupp’s, JP Getty’s, IBMs, King of England, etc., to whom Hitler gave the highest possible state recognition for creating and supporting him and Nazism. My gramps believed that war was highly profitable for such people who were personally responsible for the war crimes. The same applies in our current Canadian society with regards to the obvious links between misandry SCPs and Kleptocracy.

    In terms of explaining why our Canadian society has embraced misandry en masse, I found understanding from the book: On fighting, killing, and dying : the secret World War II transcripts of German POWs by author Neitzel, Sönke. This explains how Germany’s normal families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. became blood thirsty zombie butchers as a result of Hitler’s SCPs. Canada has adopted the same SCPs standard with misandry replacing anti-Semitism and anti-anyone not Aryan. At this point I have read a summary of this book and hope to read it all when it becomes available from the local library.

    The psychotic violent mob at Warren’s presentation is the same ilk as the German brown shirt gangs attacking Jews and anyone else that may be any threat, or just propose a different view, to Hitler’s sadistic values which have the same dehumanizing aspects of our kleptocracy’s misandry values.
    “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”Edmund Burke
    “The spectacle (McCarthyism) is one we would expect in a totalitarian nation where the rights of the individual are crushed beneath the juggernaut of statism and oppression; it has no place in America where government exists to serve people, not to destroy them” President Harry S. Truman.

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