Has your ‘Male Privilege’ got you down?

Is the bias against men at work, in the family court, and even in the home becoming a painful burden for you. It’s not surprising. Well, maybe this will help — a little shot of self-esteem from someone who doesn’t have to do it. Prof. Janice Fiamengo, the University of Ottawa, Canada, has an ongoing series of videos that debunk feminist propaganda. In this video she discusses the indispensable nature of men. Just what you need; nice.

The Fiamengo File Episode 15

There’s hope for Michigan

A bill has been entered in the Michigan House of Representatives to make Equal Parenting the default parenting arrangement. Judges can overrule the default only on the basis of “clear and convincing” evidence that Equal Parenting wouldn’t be in the best interest of a child.


This is a powerful bill. The requirement of clear and convincing evidence is necessary to stop the painful, and wasteful arguing over who is better or worse deserving of being a parent. If you are a parent before separation, you are a parent after. There is no valid reason for depriving children and parents of their full relationship because of separation of the parents.

The bill was introduced by Representative Runestad, who happens to be the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. This means the bill’s sponsor in a very powerful position to see it gets the full service it deserves. We can expect harsh words and tactics to be applied against this bill and Representative Runestad. On the other hand, Ex-fathers wants to encourage those who work to overcome the terror of the family court. You can help, a simple message to Rep. Runestad will let him know there is support behind him in this:
Email: JimRunestad@house.mi.gov
It doesn’t matter where you live, whatever state or country, we can show Michigan we are all united for Equal Parenting.

Plaid for Dad — prostate cancer

Plaid for Dad is a Canadian awareness and fund raising campaign for prostate cancer. The campaign focuses on Father’s Day June 16.

The Launch Party for Plaid for Dad for 2017:

Join the celebration at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, this Wednesday, May 17 between 12 PM and 2 PM!

It’s going to be a great party including:
– Big Smoke BBQ lunch with celebrity Chef Corbin
– Free concert with Kardinal Offishall
– Fun Photo booth for you and your friends
– Snap filters and more!

Help support the 1 in 8 men who will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. www.PlaidforDad.ca

Child Flesh Trade

The idea that the child has a right to financial support is not supported in any way. The only right children have under our community law is the freedom from abuse and from neglect (neglect is a recent liberal addition). There never was any obligation, let alone formula, of financial support to children or for any standard of living. The maternal welfare formulae are a fabrication of the Divorce Industry backed by the ‘apparatchiks’, the bureaucrats who run our governments. The only responsibility has been that that person who is in care of a child in whatever capacity (teacher, baby-sitter, Scout leader, parent etc.) does not abuse or neglect the child. These responsibilities include providing essential medical care, seeing the child receives some education, and keeping the child from harms way.

Assigning a ‘child’ (in fact the child’s mother) rights over his ex-father’s pay cheque is a gross violation of human rights. Children (or mother’s) in intact families have no such right and there is no standard of care which works that way. On the contrary, when the courts take a child from a parent and give the child to another person (in the absence of abuse or neglect) the fair and reasonable requirement on the court is to compensate the parent who loses the child (as well as compensating the child for loss of parent). That’s the only right involved – the right to a parent-child relationship, and that’s the fair and just and predictable response to the flesh trade in our children that is going on day-in-day-out in our family courts.

Let’s talk money

Sometimes things are worth repeating. In fact, worth repeating louder, more slowly, and often. Here’s a reprise of an earlier post.

– – –

It’s time to talk about the money

Let’s understand that even a small fraction of the money that men spend fighting in court would do immensely more if it were spent advocating in pubic. The question is how do you get the most bang for the buck (time and money)? Clearly, fathers should stop wasting their efforts on lawyers (and the family courts) and on politicians. Those people have to be seen as the opposition. Father advocates need to spend their time with their comrades, the men and women (relatives and friends like Grandparents, sisters, second wives, etc) that have been hurt or could be hurt by the intolerable situation of fathers and children in family court today. Unfortunately most of those people do not understand the problem they are caught up in. Consequently they play into the hands of the opposition.

The only way men will get their kids back is when they get their money back. As long as there is money to be made from fathers the problem will continue. We need to fight so-called ‘child support’ — the ex-father shakedown — so we can give our children the kind of child support they really need — their fathers. Ex-fathers need to stop being ashamed to talk about the money and start to point out that it was the mothers who wanted the kids but would not accept the responsibility that goes with them — the financial responsibility that goes with raising a family.