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Family breakdown Family breakdown has been a nightmare come true for many fathers. Upon dissolution of their relationship with their spouse, it quickly becomes clear to them that they are now mere wallets for their former family and must give up hope of being real parents to their children. Indeed, for many of them the injustice is too great to bear and they resort to a variety of reactions which we do not hear much about such as alcoholism, dropping out, and suicide, as well as some violent reactions that we do hear about through the media.

Justice for Fathers and Children Ex-fathers know that men need to parent their children. We know that children need their fathers’ parenting. We know that the courts have failed to give justice to fathers and children. We do not sit by quietly while fathers are treated like wallets. We do not accept the indentured status created by maternal support payments.

A better place for all our children This is not to ignore the equally important problems of the children who lose their fathers. Imagine what our boys and young men think of their futures as parents knowing the treatment fathers get? The incidence of problems such as criminal behaviour, prostitution, addiction, and teen pregnancy is well known to be extraordinarily high among persons brought up without their fathers.

Justice for fathers and children Ex-fathers is a group of people concerned about and active in correcting the abuse of fathers in marital separation. We believe in Equal Parenting. The changes that result will of course mean that some mothers will have to start to accept certain realities and take on certain responsibilities they have been able to ignore and shirk in the past.  This is as it should be, we must proceed. We believe in restitution for fathers and children.

Who do you turn to? Ex-fathers provides support, education, and leadership for all men who have been or will be deprived of their families, their finances, and their dignity by the family law system. Working together we will conquer the forces trying to keep fathers from families.

Contact us We would like to hear from you. All the messages we receive are read, but, although we try to respond, we can not promise a response to every one. To contact Ex-fathers, send an email to:
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