Coal for Canada’s Leaders

Canada’s family law system is family hostile, child abusive, and extremely misandric. Perhaps for Christmas Canada’s Rulers will get nothing more than lumps of coal from Santa in their stockings. Thanks to Paulette MacDonald for giving us this.

Dear Santa,

My name is Paulette MacDonald and I am a Family Justice Advocate\Activist in Canada and that came to be once I witnessed first hand the devastation that occurs in the hands of our “secret” Family Court House’s. – and all I want for Christmas is equal, shared parenting at the onset of divorce or separation. Tall order, I know but I’m confident together we can do it. …

Read all of Paulette’s letter to Santa:
London Free Press online — Dear Santa

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  1. Thank goodness that my ex and I are going the uncontested route for our divorce and can luckily agree to a lot of the conditions for our separation and how we want to divide the time with our kids. I found this website to help with the separation agreement and divorce forms: … has anyone used it or something like it before? I’m open to recommendations! Thanks in advance.

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