Child Flesh Trade

The idea that the child has a right to financial support is not supported in any way. The only right children have under our community law is the freedom from abuse and from neglect (neglect is a recent liberal addition). There never was any obligation, let alone formula, of financial support to children or for any standard of living. The maternal welfare formulae are a fabrication of the Divorce Industry backed by the ‘apparatchiks’, the bureaucrats who run our governments. The only responsibility has been that that person who is in care of a child in whatever capacity (teacher, baby-sitter, Scout leader, parent etc.) does not abuse or neglect the child. These responsibilities include providing essential medical care, seeing the child receives some education, and keeping the child from harms way.

Assigning a ‘child’ (in fact the child’s mother) rights over his ex-father’s pay cheque is a gross violation of human rights. Children (or mother’s) in intact families have no such right and there is no standard of care which works that way. On the contrary, when the courts take a child from a parent and give the child to another person (in the absence of abuse or neglect) the fair and reasonable requirement on the court is to compensate the parent who loses the child (as well as compensating the child for loss of parent). That’s the only right involved – the right to a parent-child relationship, and that’s the fair and just and predictable response to the flesh trade in our children that is going on day-in-day-out in our family courts.

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