Modern-day slavery: US Govt hate program — “Engagement of Fathers from Birth”

Here’s the “benefit” to the nation of the US Federal Child Support Program, in their own words: “The child support program can increase child support payments by positively engaging with fathers early on, encouraging fathers to be more involved in their children’s lives, and helping them overcome obstacles to supporting their children—reducing the likelihood that they will build up child support debt. “ The sanctimonious Child Support Program is not a program of engaging fathers from birth. Rather, it is a program of enslaving fathers from birth. The entire purpose of the program is to steal money from men for women using the facade of child care when in fact it is to cover for the governments’ own irresponsible and unconscionable treatment of fathers and children..

While the father is considered responsible for paying the mother to look after the child, the mother has no responsibility for an unwanted child. She can unload the child at any point including (of course) aborting, then, after birth, giving the child up for adoption and even literally dumping the child in a drop off provided by the State (in some States). The ex-father however, is strong-armed by the government into paying regardless.

Claiming the Program provides engagement for the fathers with the children is mean spirited patronizing of the victims of the Program. Perfectly good fathers are denied any meaningful parental role with their child while being browbeaten by the charade of the family courts and bullied into paying to support the mothers’ lifestyle.

Just to be sure there is no doubt about who is the target of this program notice that there is no use of the generic “parent’ or any issue with mothers paying child support even thought they are occasionally required by court order to do so. This is undoubtedly a program of misandry, a hate program directed at men, by the governments and their family courts.

Good women everywhere should be concerned about the enslavement of their sons and brothers and uncles and other male relatives as well as their males friends and associates.

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