British Government blames victims of its own Star Chamber

It sounds very much like the Britain’s Families Minister has no intention of fixing the problem of separated fathers and children. Instead she is putting the blame on the shoulders of the parents rather than the perpetrators of the abuse. According to the Mail Online article, families minister Maria Miller said parents should take responsibility for their offspring for life and reach civilized agreements. Ex-fathers can assure the Minister it’s not the parents that are the problem but the Government’s own Star Chamber child-abduction courts.

Mrs Miller also is reported to have said the child maintenance system had failed, with only around half of the three million children growing up in separated families benefiting from it. Again the minster has missed the point. The so-called ‘child maintenance system’ is nothing but a the shakedown racket filching fathers finances and feeding nothing but the Divorce Industry. Ex-fathers supports all those who fight this ideologically-based misandric bureaucracy and all who are involved its operations.

The Minister should immediately implement legislation to guarantee that no one has the right to take any man’s child just because he is separated from the mother; no father should pay “maintenance” for a baby-sitter he doesn’t want or need; and that restitution be paid to the ex-fathers for the families, dignity and finances destroyed by the family courts. Clearly, these measures should be applied to all parents and children who have suffered under the generations of abuse under the hateful family-law regime.

“Over 25 million so-called “noncustodial” parents as direct victims”

The ‘United Civil Rights Councils of America’ are on the right track – a tight focus on fighting family courts in the USA. Their understanding of the significance of the attack on the family gives confidence that that central focus will not be lost. However, it’s critical that we all understand that those victims to whom they refer are almost exclusively fathers (and their children). Ignoring the systemic, historical and present misandry in the system can hardly lead to any justice that meets the needs of the victims. Justice has been denied fathers and it must now be restored to those fathers. (This is not to deny justice to the other victims, mostly mothers hit by “friendly fire’ in the family courts.)  Separated fathers need restoration of their families, their finances, and their dignity. Justice demands it.

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“Where are we?  Everywhere:  Put simply, unchecked governmental tyranny has now afflicted most of America. Over 25 million so-called “noncustodial” parents as direct victims… 3000 helpless children removed from their loving families every week by the child “protective” services, 9/10ths of them unlawfully began in one way or another, and 1 of those removed children dying in foster care every hour… that’s every hour… Countless victims of legal plundering within our senior citizens… The list of flagrant due process and civil rights violations is dwarfed only by the number of American families directly affected by their atrocities. We are everywhere… Oh, and, by the way, even when you count all of the governmental personnel involved in these numerous horrors, we – the victims and their families – outnumber, and can outshout, outpaper, and outvote, all those government people put together, by at least a factor of 1000 to 1, if not much more…”

“What has become of my sacred rights” Abraham Lincoln

The fact of being a non-custodial or non-residential father (an ex-father) as a result of parental separation makes that man less than the man who has not been separated.

I insist that whether I shall be a whole man, or only the half of one, in comparison with others, is a question in which I am somewhat concerned, and one which no other man can have a sacred right of deciding for me.

If I am wrong in this—if it really be a sacred right in the judge in family court to decide whether I will be the equal of the unseparated father, then, after the judge shall have exercised that right, and thereby shall have reduced me to a still smaller fraction of a man than I already am, I should like for someone, deeply skilled in the mysteries of sacred rights, to provide himself with a microscope, and peep about, and find out, if he can, what has become of my sacred rights. They will surely be too small for detection with the naked eye.

Finally, I insist that if there is anything which it is the duty of the whole people to never intrust to any hands but their own, that thing is the preservation and perpetuity of their own liberties and institutions. (With apologies to Abe Lincoln)

Abortion is a safe and legal way to end pregnancy — it’s just not available to you

Planned parenthood says, “If you are pregnant, you have options. If you are trying to decide if abortion is the right choice for you, you probably have many things to think about. … Only you can decide what is best for you.” Except that if you’re a man you won’t be given any choice in the matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or able to raise a child, or if you prefer adoption, or if you want o keep the child. In fact it doesn’t even matter if you would like to “adopt” your child yourself (if the mother doesn’t want the child). And if the mother has the child you will be held responsible to pay for the child regardless of your relationship with the child. You get no choice.