The Big Lie: “We don’t lock up parents who can’t pay. We lock up parents who won’t pay. There is a big difference.”

According to the article (in the Sun News from Macon,Georgia on, see below), David Cooke, a senior assistant district attorney in (Houston County) Georgia who leads the county’s child support division said the court works with parents and only jails those unwilling pay. “We don’t lock up parents who can’t pay. We lock up parents who won’t pay. There is a big difference.” Of course Cooke is ignoring the fact that only non-custodial parents who “won’t” pay get locked up.

Across the western world, innumerable custodial parents don’t pay to care for their child themselves but instead receive every imaginable help, including of course “child support” from their victim in (in our opinion) an undeniable child abduction under color of law. The only “big difference” that matters is that the people getting locked up are by and large fathers. This is a shakedown of fathers. The misandry of the family law system is undeniable. The separation of fathers and children is the worst human rights abuse of our time.

Attention David Cooke: it’s time to end the fatherhood shakedown and start a shakeup in family law that restores the rights and dignity of fathers.
Local opinion: jail time for failure to pay child support?
Monday, Jan. 30, 2012
WARNER ROBINS — Whether parents should be locked up for failing to pay child support is debated in Houston County.
Houston Public Defender Nick White is opposed to locking up people who don’t pay, equating it to a debtor’s prison. …

British Government blames victims of its own Star Chamber

It sounds very much like the Britain’s Families Minister has no intention of fixing the problem of separated fathers and children. Instead she is putting the blame on the shoulders of the parents rather than the perpetrators of the abuse. According to the Mail Online article, families minister Maria Miller said parents should take responsibility for their offspring for life and reach civilized agreements. Ex-fathers can assure the Minister it’s not the parents that are the problem but the Government’s own Star Chamber child-abduction courts.

Mrs Miller also is reported to have said the child maintenance system had failed, with only around half of the three million children growing up in separated families benefiting from it. Again the minster has missed the point. The so-called ‘child maintenance system’ is nothing but a the shakedown racket filching fathers finances and feeding nothing but the Divorce Industry. Ex-fathers supports all those who fight this ideologically-based misandric bureaucracy and all who are involved its operations.

The Minister should immediately implement legislation to guarantee that no one has the right to take any man’s child just because he is separated from the mother; no father should pay “maintenance” for a baby-sitter he doesn’t want or need; and that restitution be paid to the ex-fathers for the families, dignity and finances destroyed by the family courts. Clearly, these measures should be applied to all parents and children who have suffered under the generations of abuse under the hateful family-law regime.