“Over 25 million so-called “noncustodial” parents as direct victims”

The ‘United Civil Rights Councils of America’ are on the right track – a tight focus on fighting family courts in the USA. Their understanding of the significance of the attack on the family gives confidence that that central focus will not be lost. However, it’s critical that we all understand that those victims to whom they refer are almost exclusively fathers (and their children). Ignoring the systemic, historical and present misandry in the system can hardly lead to any justice that meets the needs of the victims. Justice has been denied fathers and it must now be restored to those fathers. (This is not to deny justice to the other victims, mostly mothers hit by “friendly fire’ in the family courts.)  Separated fathers need restoration of their families, their finances, and their dignity. Justice demands it.

Check out United Civil Rights Councils of America at <http://unitedcivilrights.org/index.html>

“Where are we?  Everywhere:  Put simply, unchecked governmental tyranny has now afflicted most of America. Over 25 million so-called “noncustodial” parents as direct victims… 3000 helpless children removed from their loving families every week by the child “protective” services, 9/10ths of them unlawfully began in one way or another, and 1 of those removed children dying in foster care every hour… that’s every hour… Countless victims of legal plundering within our senior citizens… The list of flagrant due process and civil rights violations is dwarfed only by the number of American families directly affected by their atrocities. We are everywhere… Oh, and, by the way, even when you count all of the governmental personnel involved in these numerous horrors, we – the victims and their families – outnumber, and can outshout, outpaper, and outvote, all those government people put together, by at least a factor of 1000 to 1, if not much more…”